The Truth About the Existence of Ignorant Contractors Amongst the Indigenous Contractors

Jan 22, 2021 Uncategorized

In terms of indigenous contractors working in Nigeria, there have not been any major changes yet to the scenario. But they are certainly making some changes. The most prominent news thus reported on was the story of a contractor who escaped from a labour camp to Elsewhere after reportedly being offered a better paid job by another company. This highlights the point that not all construction companies are scrupulous when it comes to paying their employees; so the scammers have also stepped into the business.


There are several ways of assessing the condition of these indigenous contractors, and one important way of doing that is to look at the factors influencing their decision factors. One such important factor is the amount of pressure exerted by their superiors on them. The pressure can be external, like demanding a high quality of work or delivering a certain amount of work before the deadlines. Or it can be internal, as in demanding that the contractors produce a specified number of products within a given time period. This has the potential of pushing many deserving contractors into low-quality jobs.


Another potential problem faced by many of these contractors is the pressure to hire an indigenous community member, which is technically not their cup of tea. It would not help if they were treated like any other employee. Most often than not, the hired employee would end up being treated as a slave, which is completely against the working rules of the indigenous community. With the coming of the internet, more cases of such unfortunate contractors have come to light, proving that the myth about the beneficial effects of working with indigenous communities is false.

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