The Benefits of Using a Professional Close Protection Security Company

Apr 28, 2021 Services

Close protection London has literally been a worldwide leader within the security field for close and executive protection services. This is a division that has a solid reputation for providing exceptional level of service in a professional yet courteous manner. There are a huge selection of Close Protection Officers across the UK and many more worldwide locations. Not to be confused with regular security officers, as such because of the high level of training and the extensive experience most CP’s have acquired within either the armed forces law enforcement or personal security industry.

Highly Trained Bodyguards Provide VIP Protection to You

Close Protection Security is a relatively new division on the world wide security business that has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The term ‘close protection’ itself implies protection to an individual or even an entire building from being harmed by another individual. Due to this, close protection officers can offer a range of very important and beneficial services that would not otherwise be available to their clients. Some of these benefits include:

As a professional business, CTR Secure Services is continuously providing high end Close Protection London as well as other VIP security services to corporate as well as private sector clients, as well as providing general security and Well-Being checks and updates to ensure the wellbeing of their clientele. One such well-known well-being check that is often carried out by a Close Protection Officer is the drug test, which in many circumstances has proved to be invaluable in locating those vulnerable to drugs. Another well-known benefit of this kind of protection is to find and extract people from situations where they may be at risk of harm, i.e. during protests, violent demonstrations, hostage situations and even terrorist activity and attacks. The well-being needs of these individuals are normally overlooked in the course of everyday life, but nevertheless must be protected by professional, close protection officers on a day-to-day basis.

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