Painters Parramatta

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painters parramatta

Painters Parramatta are a specialty of painters such as Joseph Cornell. Known to be the “Daddy of Painting” during his career, Joseph Cornell established his career at the age of 26 from a small printing house. He was taken under the wing of the most famous artist of the time, Thomas Moran. After graduating from the young age school of painting, Joseph went to work for Moran on some commissioned paintings. After working with him for a long time, he came to know and love the style and art of Moran’s.

Painters Parramatta

After that, he started his own studio at North Ryde Road, Parramatta. With his paintings and sketches, he became famous and people came from far to see his beautiful works. Besides, it is said that the work of Joseph Cornell is a great inspiration for many painters and artists. He has inspired many painters such as Gunvor Salmon, John Keats, R.R. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats and a number of others.

Some of his best known paintings are “The Encounter”, “The Night Watch”, “Mystery Train” and “Starry Night”. Some of his other important works include “The Cottage With Crows” and “The Desert”. From a living example of the Australian tradition of regional art, Joseph Cornell has given the world a vivid depiction of rural life in its finest artistic form.

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