How to Design a Neon Sign

May 3, 2021 Business

You’ve got an idea for a great neon sign for your new business or home but somehow you just don’t know how to make it into a usable finished product that you can proudly place on display. From here, explain exactly what is involved in designing a neon sign, the process neon sign makers use to manufacture your sign, and the resources you’ll need to purchase your sign. In designing a sign for a new business, it’s important that you don’t cut corners. You’ll need a solid plan of what you want your neon sign to say, as well as a sign design that will actually look good once you’ve built it and installed it. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time and money to get a sign up, only to have it disappear the first week or two because you neglected one element.

Open The Gates For Design A Neon Sign By Using These Simple Tips

To design a neon sign, there are several key design concepts to keep in mind. One is the adjustment layer, also known as the luminous layer. The adjustment layer is what actually glows in your sign, and in many cases is responsible for the overall effect of the sign. There are different levels of glow intensity for neon signs, including regular, strong, and strong/low. The adjustment layer controls the brightness of your sign’s light, and depending on your design choice, the level of glow might even be adjustable in different areas of your design.

When it comes to custom neon signs, you’ll need to understand that the design of the signs will dictate what type of materials they’re constructed from. Some of the best quality neon signs come in aluminum or stainless steel. If you’re looking for a custom, one-of-a-kind sign, it might be best to choose a metal sign such as these. Other popular materials for custom neon signs include copper, plastic, wood, and gold.

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