Balance Disc Vs Wobble Cushion

Dec 7, 2020 Products

balance cushion

An exercise disc balance cushion, also referred to as a stability ball, balance ball, or stability cushion is a flat, inflatable round object that is strong enough to rest, and that when used properly provides an even surface upon which to exercise. It is designed specifically for use while exercising, and comes in several sizes and exercises techniques, each with its own purpose and benefits. A stability ball is one of the easiest and most effective pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. Its design features a soft yet sturdy material that is very comfortable to sit on and that supports your entire body while stabilizing your knees, back, arms, and torso. This makes it ideal for using on surfaces that may be too hard or stiff for most people, or where the surface would be difficult or uncomfortable for you to stand on.

Balance cushion – Strong enough to rest

The benefits of using a stability ball when exercising are many, including increased cardiovascular activity due to the fact that you have to work harder to maintain the same level of comfort while sitting on a chair, while there is no impact as you have to push and pull against the cushion to stay balanced. While sitting down, the balance disc is slightly unstable, allowing you to easily move it up or down depending upon the level of activity. This means that instead of a low or high pressure chair, you can find one that is similar and provides the same comfort, stability, support and results as sitting in a low or high pressure chair. Another great benefit of a stability ball while exercising is that you can use it during other activities such as playing games, reading, watching television, chatting on the phone, walking around or gardening. A balance disc is small enough that it can be stored away in your purse, or in a briefcase, so it’s always with you.


The exercise disc and wobble cushion both work on the same principles, the stability of the object supporting your body. However, while the stability ball usually stays upright, the wobble cushion moves around. It may seem like the two discs do the same job, but the difference is in how they do it. A balance cushion usually goes from flat to upright, holding onto the upper part of your body while keeping the bottom part of your body steady. A balance disc goes circular, which causes the outer edge to push the inner edge, creating a large surface area for the smooth movement of the wobble.

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